X0417, Gold Cross, Orthodox, St Olga
X0417, Gold Cross, Orthodox, St Olga

X0417, Gold Cross, Orthodox, St Olga

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Introducing our exquisite Gold Orthodox Cross, X0417, a symbol of profound Orthodox devotion and heritage. Available in lustrous yellow gold, this pendant offers a choice of two sizes, both available in 10K, 14K. and 18K gold. This St Olga cross is a 20th Century Russian cross design engraved with the Russian St Andrew Cross, IC XC for "Jesus Christ", and a sun symbol representing the light of Christ at the top.  On the back is the Slavonic phrase meaning "save and protect".

Whether worn as a personal keepsake or passed down through generations, this cross holds the essence of tradition and spirituality close to the heart. Its radiant presence serves as a reminder of the enduring power of Orthodox faith and heritage, making it a cherished piece for those seeking a profound connection to their Orthodox beliefs.  It is a perfect gift for an Orthodox Christening or Baptism.