1988:  Introduced to a Toronto Gold Jewellery Wholesaler on Victoria Street, sparking a fascination with beautiful gold and diamond jewellery

1989:  Began selling gold jewellery and bridal rings privately to friends, family, and co-workers, including home parties

1990:  Expanded sales to festivals, community celebrations, and other events. Registered the business name Gold'n Glitter after consultation with my supportive parents

1993:  Expanded physical sales to British Columbia and Alberta, fostering enduring relationships with loyal clients

1994:  Travelled to Rhodes Island in Greece, with my fiancée Bobby.  We were married in a beautiful church, marking the beginning of a partnership that would shape both our personal and professional lives. Bobby, a talented graphic designer, brought his creative expertise to Gold'n Glitter, enriching our journey with his unique vision and skills. Together, we embarked on a shared mission to elevate our business, fueled by love, dedication, and a mutual desire for excellence.

1994-1998:  Expanded presence at events throughout Ontario and Western Canada

1998: Registered the precious metal trademark in Ottawa, leading to the creation of our exclusive GnG trademark jewellery stamps. Celebrated the arrival of our son Nikolas. What a beautiful way to celebrate New Year’s Eve! 

1999:  Took time off due to a health diagnosis and surgeries

2001:  Resumed participation in festivals and community events

2002:  Invested in professional photography to capture the exquisite beauty of our exclusive collections. Despite our efforts, the resulting images unfortunately fell short of our standards and could not be utilized.

2003:  Decision made to change the type of molds we are using for our jewellery

2005:   Inspired by our son, initiated a cultural sports collection

2006-2016: Throughout this decade, we remained dedicated to our trade, continually refining and innovating our jewellery designs and exploring new finishing techniques

2016-2017: Our momentum was temporarily slowed due to personal circumstances. The illness of my beloved mother required our devoted attention and care during this time.  RIP my dear Mama.

2019: With a renewed sense of purpose and commitment, we expanded our operations by opening a second location. This expansion allowed us to better serve our growing client base and cater to a wider audience seeking exquisite jewelry pieces crafted with passion and expertise.

2020-2023:  Faced with challenges due to COVID-19, we hired a professional company to create an e-commerce website for us, a step that was previously unnecessary in our business journey. Although a website was launched, we did not have the e-commerce platform we desired

2023:  In the absence of e-commerce capabilities, we opted to leave the company and take on the task of building our e-commerce website with the help of a wonderful coach

2024:  Through relentless dedication and tireless efforts, we successfully launched our e-commerce platform. This significant achievement was made possible by the careful integration of essential elements, including photography, transparent product details, and the invaluable moral support from incredibly special individuals, among others.  We extend our deepest gratitude to all those who have stood by us and believed in us throughout our journey.  Your unwavering support, love and loyalty have been instrumental in our success, and we are profoundly appreciative of your enduring belief in us.  We did it Mama!


With Love,

Rose (Founder and Owner)