PST0301, Gold Pendant, St. Anne
PST0301, Gold Pendant, St. Anne

PST0301, Gold Pendant, St. Anne

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Metal Type:18K

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This pendant, PST0301, beautifully captures the essence of St. Anne, showcasing her maternal grace and devotion. The finely crafted details bring her gentle presence to life, from the delicate contours of her form to the serene expression that embodies her role as a guiding figure.

Available in two sizes, this pendant provides the choice between a subtle yet meaningful accessory and a more pronounced statement piece. Each size is exclusively crafted in 18K gold, radiating with a warm and luminous glow that adds to its allure.

Our Gold St. Anne Pendant is a reflection of faith and admiration, a treasured emblem that holds personal significance. Choose the size that resonates with your heart and wear it close, carrying the spirit of her guidance and protection wherever you journey.