GE26, Gold Orthodox Cross, GnG Design

GE26, Gold Orthodox Cross, GnG Design

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Metal Type:14K

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Experience the beauty of our captivating Gold Orthodox Cross, GE26, designed with a touch of modern elegance. This exquisite piece features the traditional 3 scallops in each of the 4 corners, symbolizing the Holy Trinity.  At its heart lies a center cross design that symbolizes the intertwining of faith and unity. 

This cross creates a sense of harmony and connection, also symbolizing the unity of believers and the interwoven nature of spirituality. Each line tells a story of resilience and faith, drawing the eye and stirring the soul.

Available in one size in 14K radiant yellow, pristine white, or romantic rose gold to match your style. Embrace faith and tradition with this stunning symbol of devotion, brought to you by GnG's renowned design and craftsmanship. This is a modern yet timeless piece of jewellery that can be worn for generations to come.