ERTR0101, Gold Trinity Engagement Ring, Setting Only

ERTR0101, Gold Trinity Engagement Ring, Setting Only

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Introducing our exquisite Gold Trinity Engagement Ring Setting, ERTR0101, a timeless symbol of love, commitment, and stunning style. This beautiful setting is designed to showcase the brilliance of three princess cut stones - one main center stone and two smaller ones (one on each side of the center stone).  There are a few options for this setting: three diamonds, three other gemstones, or a mix of diamond(s) and other precious or semi-precious gemstones. one. Choose your setting from the warm embrace of 14K Yellow Gold, the classic elegance of White Gold, or the romantic allure of Rose Gold. Our setting prices are for 14K Gold.  If your preference is 10K, 18K, or the ultimate luxury of Platinum, no worries - just let us know.

At Gold'n Glitter, each engagement ring is a customized masterpiece made to your specifications. We pride ourselves on the art of customization, ensuring that all gemstones are handpicked, inspected, and verified before they are set to ensure they perfectly match your unique specifications 

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