CANC03, Gold Chain, Hollow Puffed Anchor, White Gold
CANC03, Gold Chain, Hollow Puffed Anchor, White Gold

CANC03, Gold Chain, Hollow Puffed Anchor, White Gold

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Width:5.0 mm
Metal Type:14K
Length:16 in

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Presenting our Gold Hollow Puffed Anchor Chain, CANC03, a stunning chain also recognized as the Hollow Puffed Mariner Chain. This chain embodies a perfect fusion of style and versatility, available in a range of lengths from 16 to 24 inches. 

This chain is available in 2 widths in white gold, and 3 widths in yellow gold. Meticulously crafted from pristine White Gold, this chain captures the essence of timeless sophistication. We also offer 7.5 inch matching bracelets in both yellow gold and white gold, allowing you to choose the one that perfectly aligns with your style and desired level of boldness.

The unique design of the Hollow Puffed Anchor Chain draws inspiration from a ship's anchor, but with an alluring twist. Its puffed links add depth and dimension to the classic anchor chain design, creating a piece that effortlessly blends traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

To complete your look, explore our matching bracelet option, designed with the same exquisite link for a coordinated and elegant ensemble. Select from: 10K for durability, 14K for a harmonious balance of strength and luxury, and 18K for the ultimate expression of opulence and purity.