We are exciting to announce that we will soon be offering a Precious Metal Exchange Service.  So what does mean?  Simply said, we will buy your old gold, silver and platinum jewellery.

We understand the sentimental and financial value attached to your pieces, which is why we will be committed to providing a transparent and trustworthy process. So, if your jewellery is broken and has been sitting in a drawer or jewellery box, don't let it collect dust - we will buy it.  Or, if you have jewellery that is in tact but you just want a change, come to see us - we will buy it. Regardless of your reason for selling your old silver, gold or platinum jewellery, we will buy it from you.

Below is the a brief description of the process we will designed for buying your old jewellery  from you.  ***Keep in mind that the only metal types that we will consider are 10K, 14K, 18K, 19K and 22K gold, SS/925 and platinum.


1.  Evaluation - will be conducted separately for each item
  • Each item will be photographed, weighed to deterimine the gram weight, and will be tested to determined its metal type/purity

2.   Estimate for Reimbursement

  • Based on the evaluation, the market price of gold that day, the item's craftmanship or historical signification, we will provide an estimate to clients for the amount that we feel the reimbursement should be 
  • Please note that we cannot take the time to test every link infront of you as it is a time consuming effort
  • Our offer will be pending more detailed testing that will be performed before smelting
3.   Agreement  
  • If you agree to our estimate, we will honour the amount until the smelting is actually done
  • When the smelting is done, we will provide you with a vide of the process so that you are sure that the items being smelted are in fact yours


4.  Payment 

  • As we cannot test every link of every item that you bring us,  when you are with us, your payment will be delayed until after the smelting of your jewellery is done


5.   Documentation

  • We will be providing you with detailed documentation that includes the items brought to us, the evaluation information, the price of gold on the day of the agreement and the amount that you have been reimbursed
  • Each itemwill be test for is
  •  meticulous procedure. It will be photographed, weighed, and securely sent to our trusted smelting house. Throughout this process, we'll provide you with a video to ensure complete transparency—allowing you to witness firsthand that it's indeed your jewelry being melted down.

Once the smelting process is completed, you'll have the option to keep the pure gold or accept a monetary offer from us. Our service fee will be clearly communicated, giving you the flexibility to make an informed decision.

At Gold'n Glitter, we prioritize integrity and customer satisfaction. Stay tuned for the launch of our buying service, where we'll continue to uphold our commitment to transparency, fairness, and excellence in every transaction."